Florencia Frete

Hi, I'm Florencia

I'm a composer, researcher and educator.

I play the piano, sing and conduct and my main passion is creating spaces for people to create.

I studied music composition with emphasis on popular music at the University of Villa Maria and I started there a journey of explorations around the idea of dialogue among the diverse musical traditions that inhabits us.

I have written music for (and together with) soloists, duets, ensembles, band and orchestra that has been performed in Argentina, Colombia, USA and England.

I did an MA in Music Composition at the University of York exploring dialogues between Latin American folk music and contemporary techniques. And at the moment, I'm finishing a Specialization in Communication and Technology for Higher Education studying ways of creating interactive and interdisciplinary spaces for music composition.

My main is interest is to develop creative strategies for participative music composition and interdisciplinary and collaborative spaces that challenge and explore our cultural boundaries.