matemates / flora

Hi, I’m Florencia

You can call me Flora. I’m a composer and researcher. I play the piano, sing and conduct, among other things. I’m interested in Folklore and Latin American popular music but also in exploring new sonorities in dialogue with different musical traditions. I have written music for (and together with) soloists, duets, ensembles, band and orchestra. I share in this section some of my latest projects. And, of course, the dialogue is open to keep interchanging comments and ideas for further creations.

what I do

> arrangements for orchestra and symphonic

> audiovisuals
> music for soloists and ensembles
> vocal music

> community music workshop
> open form composition
> strings composition
> vocal composition
> vocal multicultural performance
> vocal performance and memory

> encuentros

> ALGO en movimiento
> en[red]ad@s: Hola/Hi/Bună
> impromates (audiovisual)
> latcho drom (book)
> revista fenómenos
> other audiovisual