F: Matemates is an artistic project…
F: NO! it’s our way of life!
F: Fine. Matemates is an artistic project, a way of life…
F: Exactly! it’s our intention to try to come up with new ways of looking at things and discover music, images, words that would make us look again!
F: ALRIGHT!… anyway, Mate is basically a website… and a social drink with mates,
F: and an artistic life project.
F: …where we gather up all the stuff we do.
F: Brilliant!

Matemates is a collaborative artistic project between Florencia Frete and Alexandru G. Ichim. We create and re-create together and separately and along other artistic groups. This website is a mere synthesis of what we do: creative writing, music, audiovisuals, research and community projects.

We are based in York, England.