IMPROMATES DANCE was created by Florencia Frete as a project for her MA at the University of York.
IMPROMATES DANCE fue creado por Florencia Frete como un proyecto para su Master en la Universidad de York, Inglaterra.
Tercer corto de la serie IMPROMATES. Protagonizado por nuestro amigo Ezequiel Lugrao. Filmado en una sola toma una sola vez.
Más sobre Ezequiel acá:
IMPROMATES LISTO was shot in one take. This is our first art-video. Multiple, non-repeatable dialogues. The only possible reproduction is fragmentation, echo.
IMPROMATES LISTO fue filmado en una toma. Este es nuestro primer video-arte. Diálogos, únicos, irrepetibles, múltiples. La única reproducción posible, es, fragmentacion, eco.


To Waonder has been crafted together with erhu player Fish Liu and it’s part of a collaboration that tries to create new music combining traditional elements from erhu music with contemporary approaches. The piece puts into dialogue the different forces of the multiple cultures that inhabit us, from the particular sonorities of western Chinese scales to intricate South American polyrhythms. The trio explores different timbres and textures in a playful environment of, sometimes, unprecise pitches but rigorous rhythm. The piece is accompanied by an audiovisual material that invites us to wander, to stop, to wonder, to stop, to repeat, to reflect, to repeat again, to look around, to stop.

Hicimos un viaje en bicicleta por Escocia con nuestro amigo Ezequiel. Desde Edimburgo hasta Ayr. Este cortometraje amateur y cómico es un leve resumen del viaje.
We did a bike tour in Scotland with our friend Ezequiel. From Edinburgh through Glasgow going to Ayrshire. This is an amateur, comical mini-documentary.